I was born in Fort Worth, Texas and moved to Miami, Florida. I snorkeled every summer until I became a certified diver in 1975.  I mowed yards and sailed boats, fished, camped in the keys, and lived in the ocean . I took my first u/w photo in our backyard pool of my dad and eventually left Miami.  I moved to Los Angeles, CA. and then Nashville, TN fixed and sold lights to the entertainment world, traveled the world, made money, rubbed elbows with rock stars, and even took a few photos of them. Nashville is where you will find me now!

I like adventure, creative writing, underwater photography and scuba diving. My photos have been published, won awards, and have been viewed on TV. I love photographing nature and the world underwater. I belong to several photography clubs and use my underwater photography to teach and share with others so  they may understand the importance of saving our oceans. Im a shark conservation advocate and shark diver. I continue to use my shark images to try and change the thought that sharks are  man-eaters. We only fear what we don't know!

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